Neighborhood Spotlight: King Mountain

This week’s neighborhood spotlight is all about the King Mountain neighborhood. Located on King Mountain (go figure) in between the Meridian and Irongate neighborhoods, the area is filled with wetlands and wooded areas. Residents living here have an incredibly beautiful view of the city of Bellingham. The housing in the area consists of scattered single-family homes with large yards, in addition to high-density mobile home parks and apartment complexes. Growth is expected in this neighborhood, so expect more residential housing to be popping up in the future.

King Mountain COB

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Although King Mountain is secluded compared to other neighborhoods in Bellingham, there are plenty of activities if you look closely. If you’re planning on a shopping spree, you are two miles away from the Bellis Fair Mall and Meridian street. Filled with food and retail options, this area has everything you’re looking for when shopping. If you fancy yourself the outdoorsy type, you are only a few blocks away from Van Wyck park, as well as other activities in surrounding neighborhoods.

If you prefer to leave the city for adventures, King Mountain provides access to the highway leading to Mt Baker. Mt Baker provides skiing and snowboarding at one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. It also receives the most snowfall in the country, so it’s not hard to find a great day on the mountain.  If you’re looking for peace and quiet, without being too secluded from the city, King Mountain might be the neighborhood for you.

Mt Baker

King Mountain provides top-notch education

Children living in King Mountain receive a quality education. Elementary schoolers attend either Parkview or Cordata Elementary, depending on where you live. Middle schoolers all funnel into one middle school, being Shuksan Middle School. After that, all the students attend Squalicum High School.

Interested in living in the King Mountain neighborhood? Check for local listing at our website here.

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