Neighborhood Spotlight: Fairhaven

This week’s neighborhood spotlight is about the historic Fairhaven neighborhood. Fairhaven was one of the three pioneer settlements that eventually became Bellingham, and still remains a popular tourist destination in Western Washington. The neighborhood is a bit pricey, costing about 21% more than other Bellingham neighborhoods, but the area is well worth the extra cost.

Fairhaven: Historic & Modern

The neighborhood includes single-family homes, apartment buildings as well as condominiums. At the center of the neighborhood is the Historical District, a small downtown area of historical buildings. The buildings are home to many local businesses and some of the tastiest food in the country. Not all buildings are old however, as buildings have been added in recent years that match the historical feel of the neighborhood. Located right in the center of downtown is the Village Green, a hub that houses concerts, games and a farmer’s market every weekend. As with all other Bellingham neighborhoods, you are less than ten minutes away from the heart of downtown if you’re looking for a fun night out.

Fairhaven Village Green

For Lovers of Land & Sea

Fairhaven is paradise for lovers of the outdoors. Whether you like hiking up the mountains or adventuring down by the sea, Fairhaven provides the best of both worlds. Located right outside of downtown is Boulevard park. A beautiful seaside park, it includes a kids playground, a boardwalk and even a coffee shop right in the center. Just south of Fairhaven is the Oyster Dome trail, a five mile round-trip hike. The trail is popular amongst locals and provides incredible views of Samish Bay. Oyster Dome is a great hike for seasoned hikers as well as beginners.

View from Oyster Dome

Students living in the neighborhood receive a top-notch education. Elementary schoolers attend either Lowell or Happy Valley elementary. All middle schoolers attend Fairhaven Middle School, and all high schoolers attend Sehome High School.

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Neighborhood Spotlight: Edgemoor

Escape the buzz of the city by slipping away to the Edgemoor neighborhood, the focus of this week’s Neighborhood Spotlight. Edgemoor is a beautiful and secluded neighborhood right on the edge of Bellingham Bay, in the Southwest corner of Bellingham. The neighborhood is filled with large lots and mature landscape, and the most southern area of the the area has some of the nicest properties in the entire city. The neighborhood also has spectacular views of the bay and the San Juan islands. Edgemoor is the perfect place for people looking to settle down, or for people who just want to escape the noise of the city.

Edgemoor Provides Peace & Quiet

The Edgemoor neighborhood is home to some spectacular outdoor trails and activities. The most popular is Clark’s Point, a peninsula that extends over Bellingham Bay. There are trails that allow you to take a walk through it down to Chuckanut Bay, as well scenic views at every turn. Clark’s Point is protected from further development, so you know the natural feel of the neighborhood is here to stay. If you’re looking to head to civilization, Edgemoor is just minutes from downtown Fairhaven. Fairhaven is a wonderful little downtown area filled with local stores and delicious food, but still manages to keep that old-timey feel. There are always things to do when you’re living in this neighborhood, but the biggest appeal might be the peaceful and relaxing environment. You’ll never have to worry about noise complaints from the college or from downtown living in this neighborhood.


Quality Schools

You’ll never have to worry about your kids getting a quality education while living in Edgemoor. Elementary schoolers in the neighborhood attend Larabee, Lowell, or Happy Valley Elementary School, while middle schoolers attend Fairhaven Middle School. Once moving to high school, students will attend Sehome High School.

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Neighborhood Spotlight: Cornwall Park

This week’s Neighborhood Spotlight is focused on the Cornwall Park. One of the smaller neighborhoods in the area, Cornwall Park is filled with recreational areas and houses with large yards. The neighborhood is mostly residential homes, making the area a very peaceful, family-oriented place to live. The neighborhood surrounds the historic Cornwall Park (hence the name), which provides many different outdoor activities. The cost of living in the neighborhood is slightly higher than the Bellingham average, but the number of amenities and beauty of the area more than make up for the slightly higher price.

Cornwall Park

Cornwall Park: Live and Play

When it comes to activities, the main draw of the neighborhood is its namesake, Cornwall Park. The park has so many different activities available, so there is bound to be something for everyone. In addition to the standard playgrounds, trails, and barbecue area, the park has a frisbee golf course, basketball and tennis courts, and a rose garden. One very unique feature of the park is the Spray Park. It is a small area with water-shooting fountains and poles for kids and families to have some aquatic fun. It is open June 15 – September 15, so the watery fun is just about to begin! In addition to all the outdoor activities, there is plenty of indoor fun to be had as well. There are coffee shops all over the place to relax with hot drink, as well as Sunset Square shopping center less than two miles away so you can spend the day on a shopping spree.

Cornwall Spray Park

Quality Education

Students living in Cornwall Park will be attending some very quality schools. Elementary schoolers attend Parkview Elementary, with a few attending Columbia. All middle schoolers will attend Whatcom Middle School, while all high schooler attend Bellingham High School.
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Neighborhood Spotlight: Cordata

This week’s Neighborhood Spotlight is focused on the Cordata neighborhood. The beautiful neighborhood is located in the northern part of Bellingham, located east of Meridian and reaches out to the city limits on the west. It is one of the newer neighborhoods in Bellingham, being created in 2010 to acknowledge the changing demographics and environment of the area. The neighborhood is the home to many large commercial and residential buildings. This includes Whatcom Community College and many different apartment complexes. Housing prices in the area are slightly lower than Bellingham average, making it a great place for people searching for housing value. It is also directly adjacent to one of the city’s largest commercial areas in the Meridian neighborhood, which has shopping and activities to spare. For professionals and families alike, Cordata has a little something for everyone.

Perfect for Professionals

Compared to other neighborhoods in our city, the area is less known for the activities it has and more known for the its professional presence. The neighborhood is home to some of Bellingham’s largest businesses, including Whatcom CC and Peace Health. Cordata is a for the most part a professional neighborhood, but there is fun to be had. Cordata Park has peaceful trails, as well as a large open field to play any amount of games. And of course, you are always mere minutes away from downtown fun, or the adjacent Bellis Fair Mall.

Cordata Park

Cordata has Schools to Spare

The school attendance areas in Cordata are very simple. Elementary schoolers attend Cordata Elementary (go figure), while middle schoolers attend Shuksan Middle School. High school age students attend Squalicum High School. If you are looking to stay in Bellingham for advanced education, you have many options as well. Located in Cordata, Whatcom Community College is a fantastic and affordable option to receive your AA or certifications. In addition, you can’t forget about Western Washington University, a  local school with brilliant professors and amenities.

Whatcom Community College

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Neighborhood Spotlight: Columbia

Today’s neighborhood spotlight is on the Columbia neighborhood. One of the oldest neighborhoods in Bellingham, Columbia is beautiful and historic area. It is also a great place to start a family, with the vast majority of houses in the area being single-family. In addition to to the nice houses and landscaping, there is also the Eldridge Historical District. Located in the South area of the neighborhood, the Eldridge Historical District is filled with historically significant houses built in Bellingham’s early days in the 1800’s.

Columbia Neighborhood

Columbia Blends the Old & the New

Fans of nature will be in heaven in the Columbia neighborhood, with three different parks located inside the neighborhood. The largest is Elizabeth Park, a large family park with a playground, tennis courts as well as picnic tables and a gazebo for family events. The other parks are Carl Lobe and Lorraine Ellis parks, which have facilities for younger children and families so there is fun for people of all ages. If three parks aren’t enough for you, you can access Squalicum Creek park from the North side of the neighborhood. As with most other neighborhoods, Columbia is just a few short minutes away from the heart of downtown. This neighborhood is the perfect blend of new and old, country and city, for people who want the best of both worlds.

Elizabeth Park | Columbia

Simple School Area

The school attendance for the Columbia neighborhood is much more simple than other Bellingham neighborhoods. There is only one school option for each level, so there’s no confusion on what school your student will attend. Elementary schoolers will attend Columbia Elementary, while middle schoolers attend Whatcom Middle. High school aged kids attend Bellingham High School.

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