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Neighborhood Spotlight: Silver Beach

This weeks neighborhood spotlight is about the gorgeous Silver Beach neighborhood. Located on Lake Whatcom on the eastern edge of the city, this neighborhood is filled with beautiful homes. The vast majority of homes are single family, due to the smaller plots of land that don’t accommodate large apartment buildings. You’ll have plenty of personal space living in the area, as it is one of Bellingham’s less populated areas. Roughly 3,300 residents call the Silver Beach home. The neighborhood includes several miles of lakefront on Lake Whatcom, and also boating access to the lake through Bloedel-Donovan Park. If beautiful views and a stunning lakefront is your cup of tea, then living in Silver Beach could be right for you.

Bloedel-Donovan Silver Beach

Silver Beach Activities

When it comes to activities, this neighborhood is anything but lacking in fun things to do. Its main draw is the popular Bloedel-Donovan Park. Bloedel-Donovan has both land and aquatic activities, with a basketball court, playground, boat launch, and a swimming area. It even has a multipurpose building that includes a preschool and gymnasium. If you’re looking to relax, Big Rock Garden is the place to go. Boasting 39 different sculptures made by different artists as well as beautiful plants and trees, Big Rock Garden is the perfect location or people who just want to take a relaxing walk with nature.

Big Rock Garden

Silver Beach Schools

The Silver Beach neighborhood provides a quality education for all of its kids. All elementary schoolers living in the neighborhood attend Silver Beach Elementary (shocker, I know). Once reaching middle school however, students are split into two schools. Most students attend Whatcom Middle School. The small portion of students living in the southwest corner of the neighborhood will attend Kulshan Middle School. Once reaching high school, the Whatcom students will attend Squalicum High School while the Kulshan kids will attend Bellingham High School.   

Interested in living in the Silver Beach neighborhood? We don’t blame you! Check for local listings at our website here.

Neighborhood Spotlight: Sehome

One of Bellingham’s Originals

This weeks neighborhood spotlight is about the Sehome neighborhood. One of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, the neighborhood was once a part of the original towns that came together to make up Bellingham. The neighborhood is located on a relatively steep that gives houses, with few exceptions, an immaculate view of the city and Bellingham Bay. Being one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, the area is densely populated and most houses are between 20 and 50 years old. There are many different houses that are considered historically significant in the area as well. The properties have mature landscaping for the most part, with tree lined streets that many consider iconic to Bellingham.

Sehome Neighborhood

Sehome: Home of Bellingham Icons

While the Sehome neighborhood is for the most part filled with residential property, there are still plenty of activities in the area. On the southern border of the neighborhood is the Sehome Arboretum. The Arboretum is a tree filled area co-owned by Western Washington University and the city of Bellingham. The area is filled with trails and trees, many of which provide astounding views of the city and Bellingham Bay. Some of Bellingham’s most iconic food spots are also located in the neighborhood, the most popular being Boomer’s Burgers. Make sure to stop by in February for Boomer’s famous Boomuary sale, where every burger on the menu is only $3!


Students living in the Sehome neighborhood receive an excellent education that lives up to the Bellingham standard. Elementary schoolers in the area attend either Happy Valley Elementary or Lowell Elementary depending on where they live. All students come together in middle school, with everyone attending Fairhaven Middle School. Once reaching high school, all the students attend Sehome High School. Western Washington University is also located directly south of the neighborhood.

Interested in living in the Sehome neighborhood? We don’t blame you! Check for local listings at our website here.

Neighborhood Spotlight: Samish

This weeks neighborhood spotlight is about the Samish neighborhood. If you’re looking for some peace and quiet away from the city noise, then this neighborhood may be for you. Located on the southeastern edge of the city, the area is filled with moderate sized homes on larger lots that are spaced apart. While most of Bellingham is filled with beautiful trees and wildlife, Samish is truly engulfed in northwest scenery. Although located close to downtown and other populated areas, the neighborhood feels decidedly country-esque and secluded, making it perfect for families looking to settle down. It is also a haven for outdoorsy folk, with various trails and other outdoor activities around every corner.

Samish Neighborhood

Samish: The Outdoorsman’s Paradise

The Samish neighborhood is home to some of the best outdoor activities the city has to offer, with the main attraction being Lake Padden. Lake Padden is incredibly among Bellinghamster’s, and provides activities for all interests. With kayaking, fishing, hiking trails, a children’s playground and an 18-hole golf course, Lake Padden has no shortage of activities. Another popular area is the Samish Crest Trail, a popular trail for runners, walkers, and bikers. While indoor activities are not this area’s specialty, Bellingham is thankfully a relatively small city. You are never more than ten minutes away from fantastic shopping, food and other indoor activities when living in Bellingham. If you’re looking to be surrounded my nature or want to escape the noise of the city, Samish may be the perfect place for you.

Lake Padden Samish

Students living in the area receive a fantastic education. Elementary schoolers living in the Samish neighborhood attend either Happy Valley Elementary School or Wade King Elementary School. Middle Schoolers all attend the same school, Fairhaven Middle School. Once graduating from middle school, all the students attend Sehome High School.

Interested in living in the Samish neighborhood? We don’t blame you! Check for local listings at our website here.

Neighborhood Spotlight: Roosevelt

This weeks neighborhood spotlight is about the Roosevelt neighborhood. Located south of Sunset Drive, Roosevelt is Bellingham’s most populated neighborhood according to the 2010 census. The neighborhood includes all sorts of different types of housing: single-family and apartments, historic and new, large and small. The neighborhood truly does have something for everyone. Nestled directly south of Alabama Hill, residents of the neighborhood have a spectacular view of the city and Bellingham Bay. While most of the neighborhood is residential housing, there is a small amount of industrial land. There is also a small commercial area and the northeast corner of the neighborhood. The Roosevelt neighborhood has everything you could need in a place to live, but is also close to everything else Bellingham offers.

Roosevelt has Activities Galore

Activities are in no short supply when living in this amazing neighborhood. Located in the dead center of the neighborhood, Roosevelt park has many different activities, including a children’s playground, a basketball court, and a loop trail. It is a popular location for a adults and families alike. There is also the Railroad Trail, which is used by walkers, runners and bikers. It leads through Whatcom Falls Park, Barkley Village, and other residential neighborhoods. If you’re more of an indoor person, the neighborhood is located in between Bellingham’s two major shopping destinations; Bellis Fair and downtown Bellingham.

Roosevelt Park Playground

As is the Bellingham standard, students in the neighborhood are provided with a top of the line education. All elementary schoolers in the neighborhood attend Roosevelt Elementary, but get get split up once they reach middle school. Depending on where they live, middle schoolers either attend Whatcom Middle School or Kulshan Middle School. Students remain separated in high school, attending either Bellingham High School or Squalicum High School.

Interested in living in the Roosevelt neighborhood? We don’t blame you! Check for local listings at our website here.

Neighborhood Spotlight: Puget

This weeks neighborhood spotlight is about the Puget neighborhood. One of the most populated areas in the city (4th most according to the 2010 census), the Puget neighborhood remains a highly desirable place to live. The neighborhood has plenty of commercial businesses, most notable being Lakeway Street, which includes Fred Meyer and Whole foods among other options.

Houses for all Buyers

Puget has single-family housing as well as apartment complexes. Houses in the area have relatively large lots, so those with a green thumb have some ground to work with. Houses are well maintained, and some even have spectacular views of Bellingham Bay! So whether you’re a college student or a family looking for a place to call home, this neighborhood has what you need.

Puget: The Athlete’s Paradise

If you’re looking for fun activities in the Puget neighborhood, it won’t take long. Located right in the center of the neighborhood is the Civic Athletic Complex, Bellingham’s most popular and active park. The complex includes the Arne Hanna Aquatic Center, Civic Stadium, Joe Martin baseball field, the Sportsplex, and various trails. For those who love more extreme sports, the complex also includes a skate park and a BMX bike jump park. Just be sure to wear a helmet! Any sports or outdoor enthusiast will be right at home at the Athletic Complex, as there is no shortage of fun activities. You’re also less than a mile from the center of downtown Bellingham, so you’re not out of luck if you prefer indoor activities.

Civic Athletic Complex Puget

Students in the Puget neighborhood are given a top-notch education. Elementary schoolers attend either Wade King or Carl Cozier Elementary, depending on where they live in the neighborhood. Middle Schoolers all go to one school, Kulshan Middle School. Once reaching high school, all of those students attend Sehome High School.

Interested in living in the Puget neighborhood? Check for local listings at our website here.